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“Being prepared for an office visit is the ideal way to start”

AlArabia Medical Referrals (AMR) is a local service that assists patients from Saudi Arabia who wish to be treated at Mayo Clinic in the United States of America. AMR facilitates patient referrals to one of Mayo Clinic’s three campus locations; Rochester, Minnesota, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona and Jacksonville, Florida.

AMR mainly provides assistance in arranging appointments, translation of medical records and patient registration. AMR could provide guidance on the visa process to the United States of America.

“We are committed to provide excellent and complete patient care”

Our goal is to simplify and streamline access for residents of Saudi Arabia to one of the world’s leading health care institutions in coordination with government and private hospitals in the Kingdom.

Our Services

We assist patients with high-quality health care services at Mayo Clinic in the United States.


Facilitation and Scheduling of Appointments

Our staff will collect the patient’s medical information, submit it to Mayo Clinic and work with Mayo Clinic’s International Appointment Office to seek appointments with the appropriate team of specialists


Medical Records Translation

Our team provides English interpretation services to help ensure that distance and language are not obstacles to receiving care and treatment at Mayo Clinic


Visa Application

All Local Nationals/Residents of Saudi Arabia who need to enter the U.S.A must obtain a temporary basis visitor’s visa to receive medical treatment. The process of applying for a visa involves careful preparation. It is important to present an accurate application the first time

Our Process

Our professional team is always ready to assist you

Appointment Requests

Mayo Clinic’s dedicated team of appointment coordinators will do a thorough review of the appointment requests sent by AlArabia Medical Referrals. Mayo Clinic physicians review the patient’s medical records, determine if they can offer value to the patient or if the patient is best served maintaining the local plan of care. Once all required records and supporting documents are provided, it will take approximately 3 to 5 business days to get an acknowledgement and another few days to get the disposition of the doctor’s review. If an appointment is offered, Mayo Clinic sends a Confirmation Letter with the appointment date. If the specialist determines Mayo Clinic cannot offer additional value to the patient, a Regret letter is sent by Mayo Clinic to encourage the patient to maintain their current treatment plan locally.

Estimate Of Cost

Once an appointment has been offered, AlArabia Medical Referrals team will request an estimate of cost from Mayo Clinic. Initial estimates are only provided after an appointment has been scheduled. After the first appointment, additional tests and/or procedures may be ordered and the initial estimate may no longer be valid

Expectations For Visit Length

It is recommended that patients plan on 5 to 7 days for their initial evaluation. It is possible that at the time of the patient’s examination, the physician will identify additional consultations and/or tests that need to be ordered and these appointments may require the patient to stay longer than originally anticipated

Pre-Service Deposit

A minimum of $7,000 is collected in advance upon the patient’s arrival to Mayo Clinic. If pre-scheduled services are estimated to exceed this amount, an additional deposit may be requested. The pre-service deposit can be made in the following ways: major credit card, wire transfer, and check from US banks.

The pre-service amount does not represent the minimum or maximum amount the patient will owe upon completion of the appointments. It is only a deposit towards the services the patient will receive. The patient will be asked for another deposit if services to be received exceed the original deposit. After the bill is finalized, the patient will be refunded the remaining balance if the entire deposit is not used

Language Services

Mayo Clinic provides interpreters for medical appointments, hospital services and Mayo Clinic administrative services at no charge to patients. Interpreting is available in-person, over the phone or by video remote interpreting on an iPad

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Getting the proper care a patient needs starts with scheduling the right appointment. AlArabia Medical Referrals team receives a patient’s medical information, submits it to Mayo Clinic and works with Mayo Clinic International Appointment Office to get an appointment with the right specialist team.

AlArabia Medical Referrals team is ready to assist patients with all the required information regarding their medical visit to Mayo Clinic. All patients are encouraged to prepare the list of required documents before coming to the appointment.

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  • A patient can fill out the application form prior to their appointment and print the completed version to the appointment.
  • A patient can feel free to bring a companion (family member, relative, friend, etc.) with them to the visit.
  • Feel free to prepare a list of questions to help you and your family prepare for the journey to Mayo Clinic

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